AIMS Offers Network Service for Amazon Direct Connect

Chiew Kok Him, CEO of AIMS Group

(photo) Chiew Kok Him, CEO of AIMS Group.

The AIMS Group is offering its private network connection to support Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect service, that enables customers in Malaysia to establish a dedicated network connection to AWS Cloud from on-premise locations. With this, the customers’ network costs will reduce while having an increase in bandwidth throughput and provide a more consistent network experience.

Businesses can now separate and maintain both a public and private environment where some resources are stored on cloud using public IP address space. Meanwhile, critical resources will run on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using a private IP space.

CEO of AIMS Group, Chiew Kok Hin says: “Our carrier neutral status offers clients the ease to connect with more than one telco, creating a unique multi beneficial ecosystem of international and local clients from industries, such as media, content, financial institutions, multi-nationals, tourism, gaming and more.”


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