MSI: The Right Direction

MSI’s focus on the gaming industry ticks all the right boxes

Finding the right fit for your gaming needs can be a challenge, especially with the plethora of brands in the market claiming to be the best. These brands often will adopt the latest technology and hardware to stay ahead of the curve.

In the case of MSI, what sets it apart from its competitors is the level of focus and dedication it places on developing the global gaming segment. Be it through its product innovations and development or involvement in a wide range of gaming communities, MSI’s efforts in the segment is lauded.

However, it has not always been all about gaming. Since its inception in 1986, the global brand has made a name for itself in the producing top-notch hardware and personal computing solutions.

While the era of PCs did propel the MSI brand further, the Taiwan-based company took a leap of faith into gaming in 2007. Business Today speaks to Derek Chen, Global Marketing Manager from MSI, about the company’s change of direction.

Derek Chen, Global Marketing Manager, MSI

Fortune Favours the Bold
Being a visionary brand in the industry, one does not just look at current trends when they want to lead the pack. MSI at the time believed that there will be a significant transformation in the gaming market. With the rapid advancement of technology, paired with the ever-evolving needs of consumers, the idea for portable gaming machines was forward-thinking.

“It was a very tough decision for the management team to make since many thought the gaming industry was a small market. The idea of making gaming laptops was revolutionary at the time; gaming machines were commonly associated with desktop computers for its performance,” says Chen.

“We saw an opportunity and made the decision to change our business direction. Though it was highly risky, as some competitors were already manufacturing high-end laptops, we aimed for the top in order to continuously grow our business.”

Moving Forward
The change of strategy also meant a reassessment of assets for MSI. Chen further reveals that the company had to revamp the team behind the brand, while ensuring a cohesive goal among its workforce.

He adds: “We even had to modify the direction of our R&D team as we wanted to make sure it is made up of people who have a vast knowledge on gaming.”

The implementation took a while, but it was for the best. Eventually MSI acquired a team of specialists that allowed the company to create better products at a faster pace. Change also comes with its own set of hurdles. MSI had to alter the public’s perception about gaming on laptops. This entailed the company to redesign its logo to solidify its commitment to all things gaming.

“We wanted to convince our customers that we are going to a new direction, and yet, we are still the same brand that produces quality products. We wanted to deliver the message that ‘gaming is our way’ and that we are serious about our focus,” says Chen.

Industry Focus
While there are other companies focusing on portable gaming machines, MSI believes it is approaching the industry a little differently from its competitors.

“I am not saying that we have a different point of view from other industry players, but we as a company put all of our resources and focus on making the best gaming platform no matter what we do,” he shares.

“We want our customers to know that we will put all of our focus in gaming and whatever the possibilities around gaming. We will work to make it happen.”

Take the ground-breaking MSI VR One, for example. It was conceived out of the need for an on-the-go virtual reality solution; thus creating a unique backpack design that is certainly memorable. MSI has always been learning from gamers and working with professionals (e.g. Steelseries, Xsplit, etc) to make sure that users can enjoy every aspect of gaming (performance, sound, visual, control, streaming).

It is also about thinking one step ahead and bringing new standards to the market – giving something more than users’ expectations. This is the very reason why MSI has developed so many models in its arsenal. Each series, whether it is the GT, GE, GP, GL or GS, allows MSI to fulfil the need of a wide variety of gamers.

“When we started our gaming laptop line about 10 years ago, we only had the GT and GE series in our portfolio. Gradually, we realised that there are many different types of gamers out there, so we started to develop the other series,” Chen adds.

“Some consumers want performance with the latest features on the market, while others may want something that is suitable for their budget.”

In further strengthening the MSI brand as the brand by gamers – for gamers – the company is continuing its R&D and investment in innovation. He concludes: “Gamers can expect new features to appear in upcoming models. MSI is the go-to brand for everyone’s gaming needs.”

This article was first published in Business Today July 2017.


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