Deloitte Denies MACC Raid Pledges To Assist In Investigation

Upon news of MACC officer raiding Deloitte Malaysia Taman Tun office with regards to the ongoing Felda Investment Corporation London hotel probe, the accounting firm has released a media statement claiming the incident as mere investigation rather than a raid.

The statement rubbished on Deloitte being investigated as reported by some media but was a scheduled visit by the officers to gather document in relation to the ongoing Felda investigation.

“The MACC officers requested our assistance in providing information relating to their investigation, and we are cooperating fully with them at this time to provide all required support and information to assist the investigation,” said Tan Theng Hooi, Deloitte Malaysia Country Managing Partner. “As a responsible organisation, we will cooperate with the MACC and all other authorities in accordance with the provisions of the law.”

Felda is currently the biggest conglomerate being investigated by MACC on corruption and mismanagement allegation with ten of millions siphoned in the form of price inflation on purchases made. The agency is also currently investigation another hotel purchase by the plantation group in Kuching.


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