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MSI Malaysia Notebook focuses on developing and empowering eSports

The eSports industry in Malaysia has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years. Despite being in its early stages as compared to more advance countries in Asia, Malaysia is poised to grow its eSports development upwards.

According to Newzoo, provider of market intelligence covering the global games, eSports, and mobile markets, the Southeast Asian eSports industry is slated to grow to US$696 million in value for 2017 – an opportunity that Malaysia stands to benefit from.

It also highlights that the country has more than 1.8 million eSports fans. This is a number that is expected to grow over the years, especially with the number of initiatives and incentives available within the Malaysian market.

Malaysian eSports players are also making a name for themselves in the international gaming arena. Local tournaments are also getting bigger each year, with more coverage.

eSports tournaments have gained traction in Malaysia. In its early days, it started with cybercafes organising their own events. At the time, the challenge was convincing sponsors to participate as most believed that holding a tournament in the confined space to be limiting in terms of exposure.

The industry has certainly seen a change of pace as we are seeing more companies exploring bigger scale tournament venues. Locations such as open air parking lots, stadiums, shopping malls, convention centres and larger-scale cybercafes are enticing sponsors to further develop the eSports scene in the country. In addition to providing a bigger platform for exposure, such tournaments present an opportunity for sponsors to set up a kiosk or booth at the venue itself.


Cultivating Players

It is no secret that being an eSports player is still challenging, which is why eSports Malaysia (eSM) was established to help players realise their potential. The agency acts as the governing body for competitive gaming in the country, where it has identified five key strategic areas, namely welfare of gamers, standardisation, games development, education, and international recognition.

For MSI Malaysia Notebook, it is all about empowering the country’s eSports industry. This greatly complements eSM’s goal of producing international-level eSports players within the country. This can be seen with its unveiling of Malaysia’s first eSports Academy.

“From our view, we think the academy shows that eSM is seriously focusing on eSports more than ever. This is indeed a very positive sign,” says MSI Malaysia Notebook.

Its focus on the industry does not only entail the development of professional gamers in Malaysia. MSI Malaysia Notebook is also focusing on nurturing and developing promising local talent. It truly seeks to encourage a variety of players to be able to experience what it is like to participate in competitive events.

Collaborative Efforts

To bring its goals of creating fun-filled and challenging eSport tournaments to reality, MSI Malaysia Notebook is working together with Genysis Cyber eSport (GCE), a dedicated organisation supporting the fast-growing eSports community.

The GCE annual Interschool Cyber Challenge, in collaboration with MSI Malaysia Notebook, is targeted towards college and university students who are passionate toward eSports.

According to GCE, the aim is to provide them with a platform to play, while exposing players to pro-level tournaments. This is also a way for the local eSports industry to discover hidden talents and develop proper ethics on organising a tournament.

GCE also adds: “There are more companies who are starting to emphasise on campus tournament like we are, which we think is a very positive trend. It also means that more brands are seeing the potential for growth within the industry.”

The organisation believes that MSI Malaysia Notebook is at the forefront of elevating the eSports industry. For 2017, MSI Malaysia Notebook’s collaboration with GCE will see a lot of events that has yet to be unveiled.

“So far we have up to 10 events and more to be announced. It is a mixture of professional and enthusiast tournaments. We also provide VR workshops and engagements for what might be the next generation of eSports in few years to come. We have been getting positive response and feedbacks from the community,” says GCE.

Aside from its partnership with GCE, MSI Malaysia Notebook is also working together with other local event organisers to further develop the industry. For other eSports partners, it has collaborated with other brands such as Viewsonic and Fnatic Gear, as well as different media partners.

With its relentless efforts and focus on growing eSports, MSI Malaysia Notebook is confident that its experience and knowledge of the industry will further propel its progress. Whether it is through collaborations with organisers or wide range of gaming products, MSI Malaysia Notebook is one company that demonstrates continuous passion and skills to make eSports in Malaysia greater.


This story was first featured in the Business Today magazine (May 2017 issue)


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