Bank Islam Pioneers Digital Islamic Banking

Khairul Kamarudin, CEO of Bank Islam with Effendi Azmi Hashim, Business Leader of Cognizant.

Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad is collaborating with Cognizant to lay the foundation of a digital banking platform across the bank’s entire network. Being a leading global business and technology consulting firm, Cognizant will help Bank Islam to take a giant leap into the future to deliver cutting edge innovative solutions and integrate them seamlessly into the developing digital economy in Malaysia.

CEO of Bank Islam, Khairul Kamarudin says: “Bank Islam will continue applying digital technology to our products and services, bringing greater accessibility to our customers, while simplifying and improving their banking experience with us.”

This move will accelerate SME banking by providing business solutions for their operational and expansion needs. It will also enable the bank to rapidly tap the rural, underbanked segments and boost financial inclusion by overcoming cost and physical barriers.

With this, Bank Islam will be able to combine its energy and continuous innovation for fintech start-ups with its solid balance sheet, trust, customer service and banking expertise.

“By leveraging our extensive consulting and digital banking capabilities, we look forward to creating a business, operating and technology roadmap for Bank Islam to realise the full promise of digital in driving greater customer satisfaction and differentiated growth,” states Jayajyoti Sengupta, Head of Asia-Pacific, Cognizant.


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