One Road One Belt Positioned To Boost Trade

 At the recent RHB Market Insight forum attended by nearly 300 investors and foreign expertise from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore, Eliza Ong Managing Director of Asset Management shared on trending topics concerning the integration of Asia, the One Belt, One Road (“OBOR”) initiative, ASEAN integration, the New World Order/Disorder and Fourth Industrial Revolution and Emerging Technologies.

The One Belt One Road initiative (“OBOR”) is positioned to boost the flow of trade, capital and services between China and more than 65 countries along land and sea routes from Malaysia to Eastern Europe. Enormous opportunities are seen throughout Asia, Africa and Europe where investments of more than US$900 billion is committed to building infrastructure networks that includes roads, bridges, gas pipelines, ports, railways and power plants.

Positioned in the middle of this connection is the Asean community, in which Malaysia is an integral member. Asean’s true potential as a community is yet to be fully tapped. As the 10 ASEAN member countries unite to increase free flow of trade, investment, skilled labour and free movement of capital across the region, this economic integration aims to ensure sustainability and integration of its members with the global economy, thus contributing to the goal of shared prosperity.

According to the recent 2016 Asian Economic Integration Report, Asia’s gross cross-border foreign direct investment increased by $1 trillion to $3.5 trillion, and equity increased by $1.1 trillion to $3 trillion over just a period of four years (from 2010 till 2014).

Held at KL Hilton, one of the key speaker at the forum was Mohd Fauzi, Chief Investment Officer of Equities, RHB AM, Malaysia, who focused on the Asia Integration: Emergence of New ASEAN. Fauzi also addressed concerns over the uncertainties created by the new US President Donald Trump. Other speakers include Angel Chia, Chief Executive Officer, Shenwan Hongyuan Singapore Pte. Ltd, and Benjamin Fingerle, Principal, The Boston Consulting Group (Thailand) Ltd.

RHB AM overseas RM54 billion assets under management across equities, fixed income and alternative investments.


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