SEA’s Smartphone Conversions Growth Not to Be Ignored

Over 250 business leaders gathered at the Adobe Experience Forum 2017 to discuss how their organisations can transform to become ‘Experience Businesses’. The Malaysian leg is the final event in a series of three Forums, which took place across Southeast Asia (SEA).

The Forum also saw Adobe releasing new research, which examines average website performance versus the top 20% across Asia Pacific (APAC). The ‘Best of the Best Research’ by Adobe reveals that despite falling desktop traffic across the aforementioned region, SEA businesses are still driving consumer purchases largely via desktop as opposed to smartphone.

That said, the report found that SEA experienced the largest decrease in time spend on websites at 13%, with a 40% growth in smartphone conversion rates. This highlights an evolution in the way consumers are engaging with brands, as attention spans shorten and network connection speeds improve across the region.

“While consumers in SEA are still making their purchases largely on the desktop, brands should not ignore the rise of smartphones that will fast overtake desktops,” says Scott Rigby, Head of Digital Transformation, Adobe.

“SEA’s smartphone conversions have grown incredibly over the past year, but are still falling behind all other countries measured, with significant room for improvements. Brands need to adapt quickly to this change in the way consumers are engaging on the web, to make gains for the decreased time spent and stickiness seen across almost every industry.”


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