SBD Hosts Appreciation Night

Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB) held an Appreciation Night as a ‘thank you’ to their purchasers, business partners, clients, members of the media and friends at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Hall, Malaysian Tourism Centre (MATIC). The evening was brightened with a show featuring Naomi Price and her band from Australia.

Naomi and Scott French on guitars belting the spectacular “Daydreamer”

The show titled “Rumour Has It: Adele, Her Life and Songs” highlighted the inspirational journey of young Adele Adkins’ rise to stardom and how she achieved success with her soulful voice and heartfelt songs.

Apart from that, the award-winning property developer also released its “Brand Manifesto: A Manifesto for living well and responsibly, that lists seven points that the company puts into practice. Namely, ‘investing in its product, community, quality, customers, people, environmental sustainability and peace of mind’. With it, SDB is confident that customers would be able to see the evidence of the company ‘walking the talk’.

Guest enjoying themselves at the Photo Wall before the “Rumour Has It: Adele,Her Life & Songs” show


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