Talk to Anyone, Anytime, About Anything – With Confidence

Conversation skills affect more than just your social life; it can significantly impact your career as well. In removing your social hesitance, it will make way for effective communication with customers, colleagues and begin building the relationships that will get you closer to your goals.

Part confidence coach and part social manual, “How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone” offers practical ways to break through the barriers and make a connection. It has simple exercises that will equip you with a gold mine of social tools to get you through any situation.

The book will build your skills and increase your chances of getting what you want out of any conversation. With step-by-step methods, you’ll learn how to approach strangers, strike up a conversation and exit gracefully; by first changing your outlook, you develop the ability to navigate through tricky situations with confidence and ease.

Title: How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone: Confident Communication for Work, Life and Relationships

Author: Mark Rhodes

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 978-0-85708-745-4

Published: September 2017, 240 pages


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