MAMSB Hosts MAPC 2017 For a Look in the Future

With the support of the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), the Malaysian Association of Money Services Business (MAMSB) hosts a two-day Money Services Business Asia Pacific Conference 2017 (MAPC 2017). It is the largest money services business (MSB) industry conference in the region with the theme of “Harnessing Innovation for the Sustainability of the Money Services Business Industry”.

Ramasamy K Veeran, President of MAMSB says: “The conference highlights current issues while challenging the attending to immerse, adapt, challenge norms, engage and share their views. It aims to spark new opportunities and take the MSB industry to greater heights.”

The two-day conference provides a platform for industry professionals to discuss various innovative solutions and technological advancements in the MSB industry. The sessions also deliberate on latest insights in the developments and trends of the global currency exchange and remittance marketplace.

Apart from that, it also touched into new MSB products, rise of FinTech and RegTech, financial inclusion, initiatives, wallet, e-payment, cryptocurrency, bitcoin and blockchain.

“With participants from a wide spectrum of experiences, we envisage that this conference will provide insights on ways to nurture and harness innovation in the MSB industry as well as explore new businesses and digital strategies for future proofing the industry,” adds Ramasamy.


Image: Inside HR


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