Wolfe Bowart to Charm Audiences With the Help of KLIAF

Today, our children will most probably enjoy clown theatre, puppetry and comedy through digital media and only a small percentage of them will be lucky enough to see a live performance. Well, the KL International Arts Festival (KLIAF) was glad to challenge this new norm by presenting the Malaysian premiere of ‘Letter’s End’, the acclaimed theatre production from playwright/performer, Wolfe Bowart.

‘Letter’s End’ is a visual composition that weaves together clown theatre and circus skill, stage illustration, puppetry and physical comedy that has charmed audiences of all ages in numerous countries around the world.

During an interview with Bowart, he shares: “The character communicates with his body, music, a little voiceover and the magic of technical theatre, allowing the audience to understand what the actor is going through. The show is filled with shadow puppets, film interaction, magic and circus acts with funny and heart-warming moments at the same time. This makes it a unique theatrical experience.”

In Letter’s End, a man is tasked to burn lost packages and letters in a furnace, a job he carries out meticulously, until an old brown teddy bear falls out of a torn parcel. A memory is stirred. Soon, the man begins to open other packages and letters, and a whole wondrous world unfolds.

It is a memorable piece steeped in charm and the joy of human interaction – something we are in danger of forgetting in our reliance on technology to cultivate the sense of wonder, adventure and creativity in children.

The show will be staged at the Auditorium DBKL on 30 September and 1 October 2017.


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