Barracuda Warns SMEs to be Cautious of Cyber Attacks

(photo) James Forbes-May, Vice President of APAC Sales for Barracuda

In May, there were over 300,000 incidents of ransomware attacks reported in more than 150 countries. Due to this, Barracuda Networks, Inc. warn SMEs to keep an eye out for ransomware attacks as they are the most prone to become victims of malicious attacks.

James Forbes-May, Vice President of APAC Sales for Barracuda says: “We urge our customers to ensure their Energize Updates are active in order to remain protected from this strain. These continuous massive attacks further reiterate the importance of having advanced protection across all threat vectors.”

He also adds that even though anyone who accesses the internet can become a victim of ransomware, large businesses and SMEs remain the preferred target as they have more to lose and are more than willing to pay a bigger ransom.

“All it needs is for one employee to click on an infected attachment in an email, for the cyber criminals to hold your entire network hostage,” he continues.

Cyber criminals exploit a variety of vulnerabilities like email, network traffic, user behaviour, and application traffic, to insert malware. Since cyber criminals do not discriminate when choosing their targets, they will definitely not think twice to extort the company’s private data for a hefty ransom.

In light of this, Barracuda has the following recommendations for SMEs:

  • Restrict internet access based on the employees working needs
  • Back up data regularly on a non-shared or connected device, to increase the likelihood that data that is held hostage can be recovered
  • Ensure all devices are regularly updated with patches automatically
  • Ensure all computers and emails are vetted against spam, malware, virus, phishing and more
  • Provide ongoing training and reinforcement to the employees on how to identify suspicious emails
  • Remind employees to keep laptops and other mobile devices secure at all times and not use an unknown USB driver


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