Caltex Awarded 22 Customers with Vespa Scooters

(photo) Winners of the Caltex ‘True Power from Within’ with Jeff Tan Meng Yih, Deputy General Manager for Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia, Chevron International Products (6th from left), Shahid Ahmed, Country Chairman of Chevron Malaysia Limited (8th from right) and Asim Khan, Area Business Manager – Cluster, Chevron Malaysia Limited (right)

Chevron Malaysia Limited, the company that markets the Caltex brand concludes its ‘True Power from Within’ promotion, which was launched in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the Transformers: The Last Knight blockbuster movie.

As part of the closing event, the grand prize winner of a Vespa Scooter was announced and awarded to each of the 12 winners.

“As part of our appreciation and support to our customers, we tailored the ‘True Power from Within’ promotion to help them ‘Enjoy the Journey’ more,” comments Shahid Ahmed, Country Chairman of Chevron Malaysia Limited.

During the lucky draw period, participants were required to purchase any of the selected Techron fuels or Delo and Havoline lubricants, which will grant the consumers entry to take part in the lucky draw.

A total of 22 Vespa scooters and over RM10,000 worth of StarCash were awarded to customers, with other attractive lucky draw prizes included Bose Bluetooth speakers and shopping vouchers worth RM200 each. A total of 200 winners also walked away with 2,000,000 BPoints collectively.


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