Participants Showcase Innovation for Smart Cities and Future Commerce at Smart City Hackathon

The Selangor Smart City & Future Commerce Hackathon concluded on 9th September after 25-hours of intensive coding and development. Held at the Setia City Convention Centre, it is jointly organised by the Selangor Information Technology & E-Commerce Council (SITEC) and Devs Asia, and acted as a core side-event at the Selangor Smart City & Future Commerce Convention 2017.

The hackathon attracted 150 participants split into 46 teams, as well as, 6 panel judges, and 20 mentors. Participants competed to develop working prototypes based on two thematic challenges – Smart Cities and Future Commerce. Teams worked on solutions to make cities safer, smarter and more sustainable, and at the same time, explore the use of technology to meet the needs of citizens.

Top three winners went home with 12 months free access to the Selangor Digital Creative Centre (SDCC) co-working space and a free Design Thinking Lite + Cognitive Pop Up workshop by IBM CoDE, on top of cash prizes. 

Champions ‘SmartSOS’ won RM 5,000 in cash plus a 3-day MVP Development Bootcamp (worth RM 1,899). ‘SmartSOS’ is a platform focused on connecting agricultural products by rural and urban poor farmers to city consumers. The platform aims to help farmers increase the economic scale of their businesses to create better opportunities, reducing income disparities between the rural and urban citizens of Selangor.  

Champions of the Hackathon, SmartSOS, aims to connect agricultural products by rural and urban poor farmers to city consumers.

“I’m impressed that a lot of youths took part; many were undergrads and newcomers who took the effort to not only to win, but to get the experience. Any initiative that taps into talent for the future is always a great one, because we seldom see young people putting in the effort to create. Usually, the private sector would organise events like this, and very seldom, governments, so I think this was a great initiative! Governments should really do more to engage youths,”, shared Vishanthini Kanasan, Principal Assistant Secretary of the Penang State Government, who also presided as one of the panel judges for the Hackathon.

The second and first runners up, ‘MyPlate’ and ‘Numbawan Bus’, won RM 3,000 and RM 2,000 respectively.  ‘MyPlate’ is a service to facilitate payments for tolls and parking using computer vision and deep machine learning to recognise and identify license plates, charging linked debit/credit cards automatically when the driver passes a gantry. ‘Numbawan Bus’ is a dynamic bus-routing app that facilitates a smooth and efficient bus service for drivers and multiple commuters in a shared area by requesting for a customised bus stop in a convenient location.

Cash prizes of RM 1,500 were also awarded to champions ‘SmartSOS’ for the ‘Most Impactful Hack’ and to ‘FacePay’ for the ‘Most Impressive Hack’. ‘FacePay’ is a payment service that enables users to pay for purchases through facial and voice recognition technology without the need for a mobile phone. It also provides for seamless transactions using cryptocurrencies whilst minimising risks associated with it.

The event was supported by Gen-S, Cradle, IBM CoDE, LEAD and the Smart Selangor Delivery Unit (SSDU) and Community Partners MaGIC, WORQ, Kiasulab and StartupMamak.


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