TERAJU Cautions Public of Scams

TERAJU gives out a word of caution to members of the public to be wary of false messages and scams that have been circulating around the social media, short messaging service (SMS), WhatsApp application, face-to-face encounters as well as through unsolicited correspondence.

The statement is timely after TERAJU identified the scams calling for the general public to apply for government grants through commission agents who have adopted TERAJU’s brand in their communications design. It also mentioned that there are agents or syndicates actively promoting such dubious services, offering assistance to the public who are seeking grants or government financial support.

Since TERAJU confirms that it has not appointed nor endorsed any third parties to facilitate such applications, the public should refrain from corresponding with such senders of false messages.

Appropriate measures are being taken to curb such scams any further, however, cooperation from the public and various media channels are advised.


Image: AARP


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