PGSM and CanLaw Develops CanLaw Syariah

The Malaysian Syarie Lawyers Association (PGSM) signs an exclusive technology partnership with CanLaw Asia Sdn Bhd to propel Syariah lawyers to enter and engage in Malaysia’s fast growing digital economy.

This exclusive partnership aims to develop a Syariah lawyer-discovery platform based on CanLaw’s existing lawyer-discovery technology. The platform to be known as CanLaw Syariah, will collaborate on the ongoing development of technological innovations in the Syariah legal industry.

CanLaw Syariah will allow the public to easily find and compare quotations from up to three different Syariah lawyers in just a few clicks. Not only does it make the Syariah legal industry more accessible than before, there will also be an online directory of Syariah lawyers to help clients find the best lawyers for their case.

Loo Soon Yi, Founder & CEO of CanLaw with Musa Awang, President of PGSM.

“The introduction of CanLaw Syariah will completely change the way Malaysians engage Syariah lawyers,” says Tuan Musa Awang, President of PGSM. “This is an important step forward, as the booming online market will now have unprecedented access to the Syariah legal market. We are also very much excited about the various other innovation projects that we have ahead of us.”

Apart from the platform, PGSM and CanLaw will also work together on the promotion of technology adoption amongst Malaysian Syariah lawyers, which will be done through organisation of tech-adoption workshops, affordable website building services and various online content strategies.

The CanLaw Syariah lawyer-discovery platform is expected to be completed and launched at the upcoming PGSM Convention on 10 November 2017, followed by the launching of a mobile companion application for lawyers that will be made available soon after.


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