Nissan Celebrates 150 Million Vehicles Produced Globally

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has reached a new milestone with 150 million vehicles produced globally. Since the company was founded in 1933, Nissan took 73 years to produce its first 100 million vehicles, and another 11 years to build the following 50 million.

Nissan acknowledges this achievement as the result of 84 years of continued support from all of its stakeholders worldwide, including employees, dealers, suppliers and local communities, as well as the numerous customers who have chosen Nissan made cars.


In 2006, Nissan reached the 100 million vehicle milestone. Back then, 76.5% of the total vehicles had been produced in Japan. Localisation of production has accelerated in the past 11 years; currently 76.5% of the 50 million Nissan vehicles were made outside Japan – driven in particular by the U.S. and China.

Nissan remains committed to delivering cars that satisfy its customers.



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