Watch Winders from Boca do Lobo, Made for Refined Tastes

Straight from Boca do Lobo’s Private Collection comes the eclectic selection of Watch Winders that offers an uncommon but elegant design, representing the essence of empowerment and sophistication.

Handcrafted in Portugal, these contemporary watch winders are made from the finest materials, with the most exquisite techniques in order to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. From the iconic Diamond to the eye-catching Cloud, these superlative pieces are perfect for high-standard watch collectors.

Cloud Watch Winder
Diamond Watch Winder

To some, valuable watches are like diamonds. This makes the Diamond watch winder perfect when matched with luxury watches. Sculpted from the finest materials, it offers the perfect ambiance to the most valued collector watches while providing the best care to for the sensitive mechanisms that automatic timepieces require.

Meanwhile, the unique Cloud watch winder reflects the fascinating design that was handcrafted to become an object of desire. It has the ability to control the rhythm of the fine mechanisms of valuable automatic watches. With a design inspired by Newton’s Law of attraction, this watch winder is a statement of art.

Finally, for those who prefer their precious watches to be protected, the Dali Watch Winder is the best gift to offer. Inspired by the surrealistic movement, it creates the safest place from all the liquid volatility around us. Made using the brass foundry technique, finished in brass and gold plating, this piece has six components to keep it well-organised and safe.


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