Norwegian Based CXS Moves Headquarters to Malaysia

CXS International, known as CXS Analytics Sdn Bhd in Malaysia (CXS) decides to move its global headquarters to Malaysia.

More details of their move was announced at the CXS Global Partner Conference for Southeast Asia. The event hosted 19 CXS global partners and other potential clients, as they gain insights on the critical updates from the talent analytics service provider since it uprooted its entire Norwegian operations and moved it to Malaysia.

According to a statement from CSX, Malaysia provides ecosystem benefits, as the country is leading a transformative digital economy. Besides that, one of the primary driving factors is the latent talent pool Malaysia has to offer. The company believes that having operations at the source of Malaysia’s readily-engaged next-gen workforce is a critical necessity.

“Malaysia is well placed to take its position at the forefront of the digital economy in this region. Not only does the government support an incredible array of programmes to accelerate Malaysia’s development, but industry and higher education are also aligned in their focus to help train the next generation of technical and knowledge workers to support a dynamic and expanding digital workforce. At CXS, we want to play a key part in that transformation by putting critical data-driven, evidence-based insights in the hands of job seekers, policy makers and educators,” said Jan Lambrechts, CEO of CXS Analytics Sdn Bhd.

To-date, CXS has started securing a 7,000sqft space in Cyberjaya for its global headquarters, moving to relocate major aspects of all its global partners to Malaysia, and confirming its plans to build Malaysia’s first Talent Development Digital Hub.

“Locking in CXS for the re-domiciling programme with Malaysia proves, once again, that Malaysia is a suitable country for global companies to re-locate onto and ramp up their operations further. Not only do we have the capabilities these businesses need, our goals to accelerate our digital economy by building up a ready-to-engage talent pool and become a major hub for these innovations directly address the immediate needs of various tech industries,” added Norhizam Abdul Kadir, Vice President of Growth Ecosystem Development, MDEC.

The CXS Global Partners Conference also witnessed the signing of an MoU confirming the appointment of SEDANIA INNOVATOR Berhad as CXS’ first Malaysia re-seller and technology transfer partner. This partnership will open the doors to Malaysian businesses that are keen on engaging in-depth analytics for workforce development and scaling.

“It’s really about scaling up on what we can do. Having moved all our key operations to Malaysia means we are in position to really step up our performance as the immediate region has so much potential to offer in terms of talent engagement and business matching. It’s really a matter of what we should be doing first if CXS is to really leverage on the positive aspects of this global migration of talent and workforce processes,” Lambrechts noted.


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