First Niccolo Lecture Launched with Renowned Trend Forecaster

The Murray, Hong Kong hosts its first Niccolo Lecture with internation trend forecaster, Cécile Poignant, Editor of Trend Tablet, where she presents an insightful lecture on ‘The Future of Travel and Hospitality’. The topic explores how travel will be defined in the future and how consumers will adapt to the changes.

Due to greater mobility and access to travel, Poignant predicts that consumers will shift from destination-led holidays to embrace more challenging experiences that pushes their personal boundaries.

Duncan Palmer, Managing Director of The Murray, Hong Kongs says: “A visionary in her field, Poignant’s conceptual approach to travel and hospitality is both inspiring and enlightening. Additionally, The Murray always welcome any exceptional individuals with unique life stories or new perspectives, who can challenge ideas, stimulate lively dialogues and offer new experiences to our guests.”


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