Passionate About Being Different

“Kenapa no tie biru? (Why no blue tie?)”

“You know why. All the pictures are blue for Zurich, it’s so standard. I wanted to be a bit different lah. I am different in what I do.”

That short interaction between him and the communications team summed up one of Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad’s top performing Agency Manager, K. Anandraj. And indeed, different he is.

Starting his career as a chartered accountant, Anandraj (more commonly known as Anand to his clients) took the leap to become a full-time insurance agent in 2004, after working as a part time agent for 3 years. Introduced to the industry by his aunt, he decided to dive head in to insurance after realising he wasn’t moving anywhere working in the corporate world for 5 years.

“My role model was definitely my aunt, who was in the business for past 25 years in Zurich. She introduced this wonderful career to me. She used to drive me to college and show me her paycheck to motivate me.”

With his passion and determination, he won the Million Dollar Club (MDC) Award 2001, Super Million Dollar Club (SMDC) Award 2002, and the Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT) by First Year Commission (FYC) for 11 years in a row. Anand admits that it wasn’t easy starting out. Being newly married, with a new born at that time, he understood the risk he took, making the career jump.

“Initially it was tough. I was overconfident. Saddest thing is my aunt took all my family members. I myself was a client!” he joked. “It was not easy to juggle between family and work life.”

Soon, he found the key to succeeding in insurance. “It’s all about trust and relationship. I hold this very tight. The moment your client sees dollar signs on your eyeballs, out you go.”

“Keyword: I under promise and over deliver.” It’s evident. When we had our interview, Anand was late, as he was dealing with an emergency case for a client. His dedication and passion runs beyond just words – he puts his client first, going the extra mile.

Apart from his dedication to his client, his family is his priority. “My wife especially, she’s awesome. She’s my strong super woman. If it’s not because of her I won’t be who I am today.” Aiming to provide the best education for his two daughters, he told us his family propels him to greater heights.

Deeply passionate about medical insurance, he wants to raise awareness in the importance of being self-insured. “The population of Malaysia, less than 45% are insured. A lot of Malaysians are underinsured or not insured.” As the population grows in Malaysia, Anand see that many are relying on their employers to cover their insurance, which he believes isn’t always sustainable.

Anand might have made it, but he’s in no way slowing down. “I want every single household in Malaysia to be covered at least by a single proxy by K Anandraj, underwritten by Zurich.”

“When I saw my aunt I told myself I want to protect lives. It makes me a better person, I started to care for people more without expectation. I love money, of course. But I do it without expectation because the money will eventually come, in god’s will. This is a platform given by god. It is a noble career.”




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