Procurehere Encourage Businesses to Adopt E-procurement

(photo) The team behind Procurehere – (third from left) Andre D’Cruz, the Deputy CEO of Privasia Technology Berhad, Asyraf Yusoff, Product Director for Procure, Puvanesan Subenthiran, Group CEO and Managing Director of Privasia Technology Bhd​.

Privasia Sdn Bhd, subsidiary of information technology outsourcing and consultation company of Privasia Technology Berhad, launches its standalone e-procurement application: Procurehere. This software aims to automate the procurement processes and propel business excellence.

While Procurehere has been around since 2002 as part of a business software suite, however, its latest version (Procurehere Version 7.0) is offered independently, unlike similar services currently offered on the market. The e-procurement platform also allow businesses to manage all types of purchases, tenders and communications with potential vendors.

“The Malaysian government identified growing the adoption of e-procurement as one of the six key focus areas of the National eCommerce Strategic Roadmap, in order to double Malaysia’s e-commerce growth rate and reach a GDP contribution of RM211 billion by 2020,” states Puvanesan Subenthiran, Group CEO and Managing Director of Privasia Technology Berhad.

By recommending e-procurement, the roadmap can help ensure transparencies in the way businesses decisions are made, helping reduce costs and errors while increasing productivity and eliminate paperwork.

Puvanesan Subenthiran with Andre D’Cruz.

Puvanesan continues by explaining: “We realise that one major hurdle in the widespread adoption of e-procurement is lack of knowledge about how easy it is to adopt and how beneficial it is to businesses. Since the platform is suitable for everyone, be it in Malaysia or globally, we need to get the word out so that other businesses around the world will be able to enjoy the benefits as well.”

This year, Puvanesan reveals that the company is investing in reaching out to potential customers who can benefit from the platform and never considered adopting it.

He also mentions that there are five key benefits that Procurehere are focused on, which includes:

  • Saves time by reducing sourcing time for clients
  • Saves costs up to 17% per project or event by using e-sourcing and improve efficiency due to automated processes wit no additional costs for IT infrastructure or training expenses
  • Flexible mobility as the cloud-based software will be available on Google Play and App Store
  • Streamline workflows to reduce time for approvals from weeks to mere hours
  • Increase oversight as businesses will have full control and detailed oversight of the procurement process with a comprehensive audit trail


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