Siemens Celebrating 40 Years of Brewing with Braumat

“Braumat”, the Siemens process automation system for breweries is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its brewing system.

First introduced in 1970s, the initial automation solutions were based on electronic controls. In 1977, the patent application was filed for the process control system tailored to meet the specific needs of the brewery industry. Since then, over 500 breweries worldwide have been using the Braumat to produce their beer in a safe and reliable process, always maintaining a consistently high product quality.

At this year’s drinktec in Munich, Germany, Siemens showcased extended functions – the Replay Mode. This fully graphical mode analyses and visualises past production processes helping breweries to sustainably cut their costs and increase competitiveness.

Besides hops, malt, yeast and water, a fifth raw material is increasingly important for breweries: process data. From incoming raw materials to outgoing finished goods, process data provides the basis for optimising operations. This helps save energy and increase output when capacities are low or remain constant. 40 years after its launch, Braumat continues to control brewery processes worldwide. San Miguel Brewery, Inc. in the Philippines has been a longtime customer of Siemens with the installation of the process control system in its Mandaue brewery, the company’s most developed brewing plant in the country.

Braumat covers all production areas, increases transparency, flexibility and quality. The entire brewing process is supported by a recipe system based on the international standard ISA 88, which tracks the production progress on the monitor. The system helps to flexibly plan the production process or implement a cost-effective tank management.

“In time for its 40th anniversary, we are aligning Braumat with the new opportunities opened up by digitalization,” says Kai Schneiderwind, head of the Food & Beverages sector at Siemens. “The new version of Braumat extends the proven control system reliably used in hundreds of breweries around the world to include advanced features such as the replay mode. In this way, our customers are assured they continue to fully rely on a modern Braumat also in the future.”



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