100 ASEAN Leaders and Entrepreneurs Awarded During the AOBA

For eight years, the ASEAN Outstanding Business Awards (AOBA) has been annually held to give recognition to ASEAN market leaders and brands for their achievements and accomplishments, such as their commitment to the community, ethical behaviour and environmental sustainability.

The award aims to acknowledge the achievements in Asian business sector, to honour and encourage top entrepreneurs and leaders, to develop new leaders and serve as a catalyst of growth for the country’s economic drivers. Hopefully, budding entrepreneurs will also be inspired to continue their efforts in bringing their enterprises to new heights.

Popular & notable award recipients of this year’s AOBA includes Ir. Dr Mohd Shahreen Zainooren Madros (MATRADE), Dato’ Goh Cheah Yak (Gintell (M) Sdn. Bhd.), Nor Zila Binti Aminuddin (Ella), Siti Roziana Binti Zin (Ziana Zain), Ken Phua (Bentley Music Sdn Bhd), Dato’ Tony Looi Chee Hong (Digital Business Platform Sdn Bhd) and Ted Wong (NPI Network Sdn Bhd).

Dato’ Michael Lim Tiam Chye (Vinsoon Group), Adam Ham (Global Creative & Media Agency), Amber Chia (representing veteran actress, Datuk Lai Meng), Dato’ Goh Cheh Yak (Gintell (M) Sdn Bhd) and Dato’ Kenny You (Bio Life Neutraceuticals Sdn Bhd)

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Datuk Richard Koh says that the organiser of the AOBA, the ASEAN Retail-Chains Franchise Federation (ARFF), aims to make ASEAN a hotspot for business opportunities by harnessing the collective strength of all countries in ASEAN.

“With a population of more than 600 million and a nominal GDP of $2.4 trillion, ASEAN is fast becoming a major economic force in Asia and a driver of global growth and increasingly becoming a destination for investment,” states Datuk Richard Koh.

Benjamin Ee, Vice President of ARFF and the Organising Chairman of AOBA, also mentions that the retail and franchise industry is a huge contributor to the ASEAN economy. Therefore, ARFF is here to serve as a platform to further stimulate the economy by inciting growth of the retail-chain & franchise sectors as well as to promote cross learning and economic opportunities for all its members across the ASEAN region.

He continues by adding: “We are growing stronger as a business community and adapting with the times as we transition into digitalisation. The retail and franchise industry would be able to tap onto the global market with a strong consumer demand through digitalisation such as mobile wallet users and online marketplace.”


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