LEAP Market Goes Live on Bursa Malaysia

Bursa Malaysia Berhad announces the new Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform (LEAP) Market has now gone live with the listing of Cloudaron Group Berhad as the first company to be listed.

“The LEAP Market is the first listing platform of its kind in ASEAN, designed for SMEs abd Sophisticated Investors. The LEAP Market will not only help promote capital formation for SMEs, but will also strengthen the role of the capital market in the growth of small and mid-cap companies,” announces the CEO of Bursa Malaysia, Datuk Seri Tajuddin Atan.

The LEAP Market complements the existing fundraising ecosystem by offering an alternative platform for SMEs to raise capital in an efficient, fast and transparent marketplace for their business growth. It provides SMEs the visibility of being a listed entity and assit them in their transformation to better governance and operational standards.

As for Sophisticated Investors, it gives them an alternative investment venue in ASEAN, access to a wider pool of investment and capitalise on these SMEs’ potential growth.

With the addition of the LEAP Market, the three Markets on Bursa Malaysia creates a complete range of investment opportunities in Malaysia, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

In order to be listed in the LEAP Market, SMEs and companies would have to fulfil these requirements:

  • A public company incorporated in Malaysia
  • Has a clearly identifiable core business
  • 10% public shareholding spread at the point of admissions only
  • Meets the suitability assessment by an approved adviser
  • SMEs and companies are required to appoint Advisers to guide them throughout the listing process on LEAP
  • Companies listed are required to announce semi-annual financial statements within two months after the end of half of its financial year
  • Companies listed are required to announce annual audited financial statements within four months from the end of its financial year to Bursa Malaysia


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