Zurich Malaysia Partners the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management to Hold the Inaugural “PeoplE Business 2017”

Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad, along with its sister company Zurich Takaful Malaysia Berhad (Zurich Malaysia), partners with the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource (MIHRM) to organise “PeoplE Business 2017 – A Forum Designed for Impact”. The inaugural forum fosters discussion on the current issues affecting Employee Benefits (EB) in the country, including the value of corporate wellness as well as the highly debated implementation of the Employment Insurance System (EIS).

Tailored specifically for HR practitioners and industry professionals, nine renowned HR experts and industry leaders are invited to discuss and share their insights on the two topics.


Mukesh Dhawan, General Manager of Life Insurance, Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad, shared his sentiments on the purpose of organising the forum. “At Zurich, we are in the “people business”. We are committed to help our customers understand and protect themselves from risks by providing insurance solutions that cater to their needs. PeoplE Business 2017 is a testament to how employee benefits are an important element in driving organizational performance in today’s dynamic business environment. Together with MIHRM, we organised this forum to foster knowledge-sharing and networking between HR practitioners and industry professionals, so that we can learn from one another and work hand-in-hand to develop more robust employee benefit solutions for the industry. I trust the sessions have provided the opportunity for all participants to gain better insights on the current issues.”

Mukesh Dhawan, General Manager of Life Insurance, Zurich Insurance Malaysia Berhad, (5th from the right) and Dr. Henry Yeoh, Deputy President – MIHRM (5th from the left) together with invited speakers at the PeoplE Business 2017 Forum

The first topic of the forum was the “Value of Corporate Wellness” within an organisation. Panelists shared that corporate wellness incorporates the company’s culture, employee benefits and perks, a wellness community and employee assistance program on top of physical health. The employee assistance program gives a platform to voice their suggestions, whereas financial wellness programs teach financial awareness.

Continuing with its second topic, “EIS, What’s Your Say?”, five panelists were invited to share their views and opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of EIS, as well as its effect on employees and employers when faced with increased salary deductions and contributions. Panelists mentioned that the EIS provides a safety net for the employees, and advised that companies should send their employees for training sessions so that they remain consistently relevant and help to upskill and reskill talents.

The discussion for both topics was moderated by Dr Henry Yeoh, the Deputy President of MIHRM.



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