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Businesses in Malaysia can now take advantage of sound media platform to increase revenue opportunities and enhance customer engagement.

A collaboration between MusixMusix, a business-focused music streaming platform, with sound media technology company VAV Apps Sdn Bhd (VAV), this unique solution offers a new approach to advertising and promotion while opening up more possibilities for branding or sales amplification.

Available via the MusixMusix player, the solution is a cloud-based management system that integrates strategically curated playlists with targeted third-party advertisements or in-store announcements.

Using music strategy to influence customer behaviour and perceptions, the choice of music such as classical music can aid in increase sales and leads customers to purchase more expensive merchandise than pop music. Brand-fit music – songs or collections of songs that are congruent with a brand’s identity – can enhance a brand’s image and improve overall brand experience in-store

Music and songs available in the MusixMusix playlist are curated by a group of experts comprising psychologists and musicians using psychoacoustics principles to define sound (based on tempo, genre and volume) that matches the type of business.

“Everybody knows music is important but most do not understand why. This is because music has always been seen mainly only as a form of entertainment and has never been considered a powerful business tool. That’s where we come in to change the perception and encourage businesses to take more consideration of the power of music and sound and their potential effect on their business bottom line,” said Alvin Lee, Product Development Manager, MusixMusix.

(from left)
Addie Leong, Chief Marketing Officer VAV Apps; Daniel Lee, Malaysian Idol Season 2 winner and Content Executive of MusixMusix; Alden Leong, Chief Strategy Officer, VAV Apps; Alvin Lee, Product Development Manager, MusixMusix.

MusixMusix currently has 80,000 songs on their playlist. The growing collection is licensed for commercial and public space usage. This means businesses no longer need to pay for expensive fees to license collecting agencies, saving businesses up to RM10,000 per outlet as no additional Public Performance fee is required. As all the music in the MusixMusix playlist is 100% license free for public performances, clients of MusixMusix can obtain assistance from the company to seek recourse if they face any challenges from any authorised license collecting agency.

“Sound has always been a primary medium of communication. However, its business potential as a broadcast medium has never been fully developed and utilised,” said Wan Kamarul Zaman Wan Yaacob, Executive Chairman of VAV.

As part of the collaboration, VAV has also implemented a unique ‘brand radio’ feature. This offering is currently the only one available throughout Malaysia. The ‘brand radio’ feature enables businesses to broadcast their own in-store advertisements and announcements. Premises such as retail outlets and shopping malls that stream MusixMusix can generate extra revenue by streaming and broadcasting third-party advertisements. These advertisements can be up to 30 seconds in length and are played between songs at pre-determined schedules and frequencies for more focused targeting and effectiveness.

VAV plans to incorporate its unique sound media technology solution that is uses inaudible soundwaves to transmit digital content to smartphones – a new alternative for any organisation to engage with its audiences and consumers. VAV is currently completing the final testing in Malaysia. The MusixMusix sound-media solution is being marketed to media agencies, advertising and brand agencies, as well as premises where sounds are used such as shopping malls, supermarkets, retail outlets, cafes and restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies and more.





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