VMO Inks Partnership with Several Service Platform Partners

VMO Rocks Sdn Bhd is taking a step towards a strategic move to bring in four new service platforms on board, namely Loanstreet, Boozeat, FeedMyGuest and The Picture Team. This effort aims to further grow the venue booking landscape to be a complete events and services portal in Malaysia.

Vincent Kok,Chief Eventgelist of VMO Rocks Sdn Bhd.

The move is also part of the company’s expansion plans, following the successful fundraising campaign in March, raising about half a million Ringgit in a four-day equity crowdfunding campaign. “It is time to expand our business to offer value-added services to the customers out there. We are excited to have all four service partners on board VMO because each of them comes with their individual offerings that complement the event venues we have,” comments Vincent Kok, Chief Eventgelist of VMO Rocks Sdn Bhd.

According to Kok, customers of today are looking for something a bit more stress-free, with add-ons being particularly favourable to those who prefers to book ‘blank’ spaces and customise their own events.

Kok elaborates further by explaining that particularly for life events, customers are able to apply for a loan or obtain advisory services via Loanstreet to finance their events. Meanwhile, FeedMyGuest will connect the customers with the best caterers in town.

For customers who would like to choose their own list of alcohol for their events, Boozeat is able to provide customers with high quality wine and liquor at competitive prices, whereas The Picture Team has a pool of professional photographers and videographers to choose from.

“It’s a win-win arrangement to bolster existing revenues for each partner, strategically. For us at VMO, these are extra services to grow customers’ options. As for the partner platforms, they are able to tap on our reach beyond their site,” Kok adds.


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