Sage Rolls Out Sage Business Cloud

Market leader in the cloud business management solutions, Sage unveils the Sage Business Cloud that is built to respond to the demands of modern companies and designed to be the only cloud platform that businesses will ever need.

Sage Business Cloud offers a powerful set of cloud products for small business accounting and advanced financial management to industry specific enterprise management software. The best part of it is that customers are able to join the platform no matter where what stage their business journey is on and it will help them grow as company needs evolve.

Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage

“Businesses need products that aid productivity, which will enable them to respond at lighting speed and deliver insights as well as opportunity. We have our foot on the gas and are ready to meet the needs of the customers, and we are just getting started,” states Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage.

Sage Business Cloud is also able to support the next generation of business and features a set of core products such as Accounting, Financials, Enterprise Management, People, Payroll, as well as Payments and Banking. The platform even allows access to a comprehensive marketplace of add-on applications for the users to cater to their unique business needs.

Additionally, the platform will benefit from the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help businesses increase productivity and efficiency. “AI is already reducing the burden of administrative tasks and enhancing the performance of workforce. Today, we are embedding AI and machine learning into Sage Business Cloud so users can increase productivity at any point in the business journey,” explains Kriti Sharma, Vice President of AI at Sage.

Currently, Sage Business Cloud is available for new and existing customers in US, Canada and UK from 10 October with further global rollout planned for this year and next.


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