Sharp Heralds 8K Era and AIoT Initiatives

Sharp Malaysia Sales and Service Company Sdn Bhd is launching its new product line-up, focusing on the company’s new technology and business directions. The launch gave a peek into Sharp’s objective of achieving future growth by creating an 8K Ecosystem and products with Artifical Intelligence and Internet of Things (coined as AIoT by Sharp) features.

A sample of the latest Sharp AQUOS 8K TV is showcased during the event and instantly became the centre of attention. Sporting an 8K Ultra High Definition LCD with the highest resolution in the current market (7,680 x 4,320 pixels), this new technology produces overwhelming reality that realises an astonishing presence and three-dimensional experience.

While 8K is definitely in the near future, in the meantime, Sharp also launches the new AQUOS 4K line-up in two latest series: the 6800X and 6500X, featuring Real Contrast, Real Detail and Real Colour. This new range comes with UHDR (Ultra High Dynamic Range), which delivers lifelike contrast between light and dark.

In addition, the X4 Master Engine Pro II processor allow for the contents to be upconverted to 4K resolution, using the latest Android operating system that also offers the widest range of apps available from Google Play.

Additionally, Sharp took the opportunity to launch a new model of air conditioner and air purifier that possesses IoT functions. With this capability, the VX air conditioner is able to monitor and present useful information to help users determine the best usage pattern such as weather conditions, air status and energy consumption. The best part is, users can also control the full operation of the air conditioner with a smart device, even from outside the house.

Sharp’s VX air conditioner and air purifier with IoT capabilites

Completing the company’s holistic air solution, Sharp’s Air Purifier with IoT function, which also considers the outdoor air conditions in order to determine optimal operation mode, predict useful life span of the filter and recommend timely filter cleaning or replacement. These new features sets this product apart from any other average air purifiers.

Sharp’s Pelican fridge that features the Touch Control Door Panel and Hybrid Cooling System

Apart from that, Sharp introduces its new Pelican fridge series that features its mega freezer and can hold up to 28 litres with an adjustable divider for easy storage. Furthermore, the Touch Control Door panel allow users to customise key settings without even opening the door.


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