OFX Partners with Japan’s Beyond Borders

The international real estate company known as Beyond Borders is teaming up with one of the leaders in international money exchange services, OFX (previously known as OzForex), to offer better options for customers making overseas real estate transactions.

“With this new partnership, buying a house on the other side of the world does not have to be a much bigger hassle than buying a house in your local neighbourhood,” explains Tadayoshi Endo, CEO of Beyond Borders.

The two companies have come together to offer a safe, secure and cost-efficient method to make large international purchases. OFX offers its partner clients no transfer fees and much lower exchange rates than ordinary banks. Customers can send deposits, pay off loans and invoices internationally through OFX.

Yuki Takaine, Sales Manager at Beyond Borders, adds: “For our clients who utilise our services and decide to purchase a property they find on our website. We will happily recommend them to use OFX to transfer money overseas as part of the home buying process.”

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