BASF to Meet and Exceed Key Industry Requirements

BASF has started operations at a new electronic materials production plant in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, South Korea. The new plant produces ultra-pure NH4OH (electronic-grade ammonia water) used in the semiconductor and display manufacturing processes. The facility is now expanding its production of advanced mixtures for cleaning and etching solutions.

The new plant also features an advanced analytics laboratory as well as the ultra-pure utilities that are designed to accommodate the future needs of leading electronics customers in the Korea market and abroad.

Located on the southwest coast of Korea, the plant is equipped with BASF’s unique, cutting-edge manufacturing facilities including best-in-class quality analysis and quality management systems. Products from Yeosu will primarily be used for next generation microchips designed in single-digit nodes with less than 10 nanometres.

“The investment addresses three core customer requirements: ensure fast track ramp up of chemical solutions from lab-scale to mass production, provide reliable supply, and deliver consistent product quality that meets and exceeds the ever-increasing purity requirements for next generation semiconductor and display technologies,” stated Lothar Laupichler, Senior Vice President, BASF Electronic Materials.


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