P&G Invests RM2.4 million in MYC! App

P&G Gillette’s First Real Job & Ideas programme is investing in Digital Innovation in Marketing towards Malaysian Millennials via a one stop connection with Malaysian Universities through MYC! (Malaysian Youth Community) student news and income app.

Throughout the entire duration of the P&G First Real Job & Ideas campaign in 2017/2018, a total value of RM2.4 million is committed by P&G Gillette.

The benchmark program with MYC! Digital Student News and Income App has enabled many innovative milestones for marketing and consumer empowerment, such as the first marketing program to track mass consumer trials nationwide.

The P&G collaboration is a millennial-oriented mobile app that acts as a news, ideas and digital reputation platform, enabling young Malaysians to start gathering and sharing news, as well as starting to build their own digital reputation. The platform also enables an open market review of an individual’s work attitudes, where their digital reputation is built with real employers.

According to Jason Ko, CEO of MYC!: “Through this app, Malaysian students will be able to participate in a two-way information transaction by submitting their first real ideas, share peer to peer product reviews, youth news and also participate in student micro jobs. The platform is based on the principle of crowd sharing to create a better millennial economy of the future.”

Utkrash Mohan, Brand Operations Head of P&G Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei said that the company reached out to 50,000 young men in universities throughout Malaysia last year with the First Real Job programme. For 2017, Gillette is targeting 100,000 young Malaysian men by providing them with a free Gillette Mach 3 razor kit worth RM16.90, helping them look and feel their best to kick-start their career.

Theng Hsiang Heon, Associate Brand Manager, Acting Head of Media, Procter & Gamble Malaysia; Jason Ko Boon Siew, CEO and Founder, Malaysian Youth Community (MYC!) and Nadiah Syed Nahar, Communications & Government Relations Leader, Procter & Gamble Malaysia, flanked by student leaders: Austine Lee from Monash University (MONASH); Suah Jin Shaun from University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR); Hazwan Syafiq from University of Malaya (UM); Noor Amelia Zainabila from Monash University (MONASH); Roshan Charles from University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN); Nur Izzati from UCSI and Syaiful Asyraf from University of Malaya (UM).

Hazwan Syafiq, previous Student Rep President from University of Malaya (UM) mentioned: “Our worry as part of the Millennials generation is that the jobs that we are studying for now, will be obsolete in 20 years time with the advent of AI (artificial intelligence). Therefore, we appreciate opportunities given by the private sector to increase our human capital value now.”

With this in mind, it has been advised that young Malaysians should start building independence early. Student Jobs and internships help build character and prepare young graduates earlier for the real world, especially since now digital reputation is considered as the new currency for the millennials economy.

In the meantime, P&G also announced that it is planning to invest over US$100 million (over RM410 million) over the next five years on its E-Centre, which is the first of its kind outside of the United States. The E-Centre will be pivotal to the company’s undertaking of end-to-end digital innovation across three core areas: supply chain management, e-analytics and e-business.


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