Ask Sara: First Insurance Chatbot in Malaysia

Questions about insurance? “Ask Sara”

AIA launches Malaysia’s first insurance chatbot, “Ask Sara”. Powered by AI, this is the insurer’s efforts in enhancing its support to its 14,000 Life Planners; enabling its distributors to be more effective in their day-to-day business, especially in servicing their customers.

Sara will provide instant, real time answers to agents’ general enquiries anytime, anywhere, via Facebook Messenger.

AIA’s Chief Executive Officer Anusha Thavarajah said, “Today with “Ask Sara”, we have achieved another significant milestone in our journey of innovation, as well as in our efforts to provide a differentiated and seamless experience for our sales force and customers in their interactions with AIA. Thanks to the hard work of our very own Innovation Delivery team who have been building the platform since early this year, Sara will now present our Life Planners with an alternative channel to find instant, quick answers to common questions and in doing so, help them serve or advise their customers even more efficiently,” she added.

Sara is built with a knowledge bank of 700 commonly asked questions, 140 attachments and a listing of 800 panel clinic and examiners.  The bot responds to agents’ enquiries as quickly as within 3 seconds – all done through Facebook Messenger.

Currently, Sara is able to provide answers to a number of topics such as those relating to customer on-boarding and the insurer’s AIA Vitality programme. Agents can also request Sara to send them relevant application forms, or help them locate the nearest AIA branch or panel clinic.

“Sara as a platform will continue to learn as she goes. With a dedicated team that will monitor her performance closely, we will make sure that we expand Sara’s library of data and accelerate her learning in rapid timeframes so that she will continue to provide valuable support to our Life Planners. This is only the beginning for us, as we have plans to introduce Sara to our customers in the near future,” Anusha added.

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