Carousell Boost Presence in Johor

(L-R) Johan Ropi (Chief Executive Officer of Indienomics), Lucas Ngoo (Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Carousell), Feng Lim (Founder and Community Director of StartUp Johor) and Khairul Adzwan Khairullah (Top Johor Carouseller).

Carousell celebrates its 100 millionth global listing. In conjunction with the celebration, the platform partners with Johor-based young entrepreneur associations Indienomics and StartUp Johor to launch a community engagement programme to help Johoreans sell better online.

“Carousell is proud to partner with Indienomics and StartUp Johor to support Johoreans by providing them with workshops and activities to grow their online presence,” said Lucas Ngoo, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Carousell. “Their mission to encourage and support Johor entrepreneurs aligns with the efforts and educational initiatives that Carousell is committed to supporting.”

(L-R)Khairul Adzwan Khairullah (Top Johor Carouseller), Johan Ropi (Chief Executive Officer of Indienomics), Lucas Ngoo (Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Carousell), Feng Lim (Founder and Community Director of StartUp Johor)

Indienomics is an entrepreneurial movement that began in 2015, led by Johan Ropi, together with a group of young entrepreneurs, such as JOHO, DuBook Press,, TheLorry, Katsana. Indienomics regularly organises entrepreneur-based programs such as the Indienomics Business Challenge and INtalk to inspire aspiring youths keen on becoming entrepreneurs.

Johan Ropi, Chief Executive Officer of Indienomics said, “This partnership benefits both sellers using the Carousell platform and consumers looking to buy products and services. It will enable Indienomics’ entrepreneurs to expose and expand their businesses and through Carousell LIVE! sessions learn the basics of sales which gives both sellers and consumers a site that is user-friendly, trustworthy and supportive of the community.”

Launched in 2014, Startup Johor is a community founded by Feng Lim to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs around Johor with fellow startups, industrial representatives and investors to network and share the lessons learned along the road of entrepreneurship. It’s currently working closely with local government related agencies to build the startup community for Johorean entrepreneurs. 

“Our collaboration with Carousell is the first of its kind for StartUp Johor and we are thrilled to be partnering with a leading global online marketplace,” said Feng Lim, Founder and Community Director of StartUp Johor. “Besides working to build the startup community by inspiring them, we strive to help them succeed financially and this platform will help them do just that”.

According to the Economic Census of 2016, conducted by Department of Statistics Malaysia, Johor registered the second highest e-Commerce income transactions at RM46.2 billion and second in e-Commerce expenditure transactions at RM25.1 billion.

“We have a strong youth and lifestyle audience in Johor. Out of the 1 million listings here in the city, 80% are from the fashion and lifestyle categories. We see huge potential in Johor and we are taking concrete steps to deepen our presence here.” added Lucas.

Carousell will also host its first Carousell LIVE! Event on 16 December 2017 at Kilang Bateri in Johor Bahru featuring 50 local Carousell vendors. The event is free for the public to attend and will have hourly giveaways worth RM3,000.00.  


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