Standing Out From The Rest

Lew Mun Yee , Founder of Am Life, showing off the award

The sleep health specialist, Am Life international Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) was awarded with the prestigious World Sleep Distinguished Award in Prague, Czech Republic, making Malaysia the only Asian country to receive the award.

Hosted by the Czech Republic Society for Sleep Research & Sleep Medicine, the joint congress of World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) and World Sleep Federation presented the coveted Award to only five countries: Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Portugal and now Malaysia.

Am Life Malaysia was recognized for the company’s consistent efforts in sleep education and awareness initiatives. Even the company’s Founder, Lew Mun Yee is known to consistently give talks around the region on how insomnia and sleeping problems are on the rise in Asia Pacific and globally.

According to media reports in 2012, 33.8% of the general Malaysian population suffer insomnia symptoms and 12.2% had chronic insomnia. Sleep problems constitute as a global epidemic that affects 45% of the world’s population.

Apart from that, 71,000 people suffer injuries annually, due to sleep-related accidents, while 1,550 people die because of sleep-related accidents. 46% of individuals with frequent sleep disturbances report missing work or events, or even making errors at work.

Due to this, Lew said the current “sleep crisis” brings forth a ‘sleep economy’. In the market, there are plenty of products relating to “sleep better”, including mattresses, pillows, quilt, drugs, massages and so on. In fact, the revenue of sleep technology industry in 2013 has reached US$11.3 billion (bn), rising to US$35.2 bn in 2015. It is predicted that this sector is expected to reach US$76.7 bn in 2019.

In view of only one thirds of sleep disorder sufferers seek professional help, Am Life aims to conduct more sleep-health education and solutions utilising an electric potential therapy. In 2012, there was a surge in healthcare demands for insomnia and sub-optimal health problems globally.

Lew demonstrates with a patient on the Am Life electric potential bedding

Because of this, Lew envisioned a ‘bedding healthcare system’ to provide proper healthcare and recuperative therapy for customers when they are sleeping or resting. The bedding equipment would essentially be an electric potential carbon fibre thermotherapy mattress complemented by ‘high performance health pillow’ and ‘Hokutolite blanket’.

Am Life has sold close to 10,500 these electric potential-medical device in Malaysia, as of 2016, with the turnover for Am Life last year reaching RM120 million. Additionally, its potential consumers have increased from 30 million to 300 million (covering Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Taiwan). With this, Am Life announced that it will reach out to Indonesia markets by end 2017 with Thailand underway in 2018.


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