Adobe Turns Taylor’s Into a 21st Century University

Taylor’s University is partnering up with Adobe to design engaging student experiences and transform the entire student journey, from acquisition and retention all the way to post-graduate phases.

This is the first partnership of its kind in the private education sector in Southeast Asia, with the broadcast range of solutions from Adobe Experience Cloud ever adopted by a single university. This includes Adobe Experience Manager and Livefyre, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Media Optimizer, and Adobe Target.

As digital transformation is changing how students consume and interact with content, the Malaysian government is also creating the Higher Education 4.0 Framework. This is to encourage higher education institutions to change the way they deliver knowledge with innovative technologies.

“Our transformation is targeted at the three main areas that comprise the student journey. We want to attract more students during the acquisition phase, retain them by ensuring that they get the most out of their learning experiences and help them stay and feel connected with our community after they complete their courses and pursue their careers,” says Ben Foo, Chief Marketing Officer, Taylor’s University.

By analysing web traffic and browsing behaviour with Adobe Analytics, Taylor’s will be able to better understand the different preferences of its diverse base of students. For instance, the university will have visibility into the countries from which their streams of web visitor traffic originate. The actionable insights they gain will allow them to design, optimize and personalise web pages for students with Adobe Experience Manager.

“Our student base has become broader and we aim to deliver the right experiences to the right audience. A local student that visits our web page will be more likely to seek information on courses directly, while an international student may need additional information on necessities such as accommodation. Meanwhile, a post-graduate student will seek different course details from an undergraduate. We need to be sensitive to what our students are looking for and be able to provide them the information rapidly,” Foo explains.

Apart from that, Adobe Experience Manager Livefyre will also enhance the quality of enriching experiences for students and create a closer sense of community. The platform consolidates user-generated content (UGC) created by students, such as posts from Facebook and Twitter, and makes them available for Taylor’s use.

The university can leverage UGC to showcase interesting snippets of campus life and student opinions on learning issues. These will help Taylor’s connect with  students better, creating a vibrant community that they will feel loyal to and proud to be associated with.

“t Adobe, we understand the importance that digital technologies can play in helping to meet the changing needs of students and the ever-evolving requirements of the modern university. We look forward to working with Taylor’s to design a comprehensive 21st century campus experience that can attract, nurture and sustain the interests of students,” comments Tony Katsabaris, APAC Managing Director for Public Sector & Education, Adobe.


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