Barracuda Acquires PhishLine

Barracuda Networks, Inc. announced that it acquired PhishLine, LLC, a leading SaaS platform for social engineering simulation and training. By combining Barracuda’s AI-driven protection against phishing and spear phising with PhishLine’s platform, it will give customers comprehensive defense against email-borne targeted attacks and social engineering.

PhishLine offers data analytics and reporting to allow customers to measure and report risks on macro and micro levels across human process layers. With this transaction, Barracuda combines gateway security, data protection, AI-based targeted threat protection and user awareness training.

“Security awareness training is an important and quickly evolving area, particularly with increasingly targeted attacks making the human element a critical link in the security value chain,” said BJ Jenkins, President and CEO at Barracuda.

“An effective security strategy demands a collaborative effort between the employees using the network and the security technology designed to protect it,” said Mark T. Chapman, President and CEO at PhishLine. “Barracuda’s innovations around targeted attacks, AI, archiving, and data protection complement PhishLine’s solutions well. Our combined strengths offer a comprehensive, data-driven approach to help customers fight smarter, mitigate risks, eliminate threats, and gain greater peace of mind.”


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