Mistreating Candidates Equals Lost Opportunities, Reports Futurestep

A new survey of professionals across Asia Pacific (APAC) found that regardless of whether they felt the role was a good fit, almost eight-in-10 (79%) respondents are unlikely to accept a job offer if they were treated poorly during the recruitment process.

The survey, conducted by the Futurestep division of Korn Ferry, demonstrates how critical it is for organisations to place a strong emphasis on the candidate experience during the recruiting process.

Although about 14% claims they would remain a customer of a company if they had a bad experience as a candidate, over half (51%) are likely to urge their friends and family members to stop being a customer. Meanwhile, 27% would still consider taking to social media to share their bad experience as a candidate applying for a job.

“By failing to employ an effective and informative environment during the hiring process, businesses face alienating top candidates, but potentially loyal customers too. This means wasted money, time, and potential loss of revenue too through customer loss,” states Pip Eastman, Managing Director, APAC Regional Solutions, Futurestep.

When asked what would aggravate them most during the recruiting process two issues came out on top. Whilst more than two-fifths (44%) said not hearing back from the recruiter or hiring manager would aggravate them most, almost a third (32%) pointed to people being rude during an interview.

Additionally, the report also shows that word-of- mouth communications is also a key factor to potential hires, with nearly every respondent (93%) admitting to researching online to gather feedback on working for the company.

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