Up For a Joyous Reunion at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa?

Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa is ushering the Chinese Spring Festival 2018 with a series of festive offerings under the theme “Joyous Reunion” from 2 February to 3 March 2018.

Braised Abalone and Sha Jing Oyster

Taking centre stage is The Resort Café featuring Executive Chef Peter Lee and the new Chinese Head Chef, Thong Ching Sam’s celebrated recipes, auspicious dishes and reunion dinner menus and yee sang selections.

Fresh Fruits, Salmon and Kataifi Yee Sang

Guests will have a chance to indulge in over 25 types of celebratory Chinese delicacies which are on rotation daily such as Roasted Chicken marinated with Black Garlic, Barramundi Belly with Fermented Red Bean Curd “Nam Yee” Sauce, Traditional Eight Treasure Duck, Deep Fried Soft Prawn with Fragrant Garlic and Chili, Steamed Waxed Meat Rice in Lotus Leaf and more.

Roasted Chicken with Black Garlic
Steamed Fish with Minced Garlic Chili Sauce
Fried Prawn with Fragrant Garlic & Chili
Steamed Waxed Duck Meat Glutinous Rice

At the dessert section, Sweetened ‘Tang Yuen’ with Ginger Infused Syrup, Fried and Steamed Nian Gao, Sesame Balls with Lotus Paste, Traditional Cookies and more will be offered.


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