Experience KL the Airbnb Way

Airbnb launches more than 40 of its Airbnb Experiences in Kuala Lumpur, which are hyper local activities designed and led by experienced local experts who share an insider’s view of their city with curious travellers. Now, Kuala Lumpur joins 60 destinations around the world where Airbnb goes beyond home sharing and offering tours as well as activities.

Experiences in Kuala Lumpur not only makes it easier for entrepreneurial Malaysians to share their passions and interests with people from around the world. The platform also allow locals to use the platform as a way to give back to the community by hosting Social Impact Experiences. It provides a local host with the change to share more about a cause they are passionate about.

Additionally, Airbnb waives all fees and 100% of the funds collected from guests goes to the charitable organisation chosen by the local host.

The launch of Airbnb Experiences in Kuala Lumpur aims to further cement Malaysia as one of the world’s top travel destination, allowing travellers to explore a different side of the city and live like locals.

Additional information about Airbnb Experiences

  • Airbnb platform will more than double Experiences in 2018, expanding to 1000 destinations and adding new passion categories
  • With 2,500% growth in Experience bookings in 2017, Airbnb is creating new passion categories and expanding to 1000 destinations this year.
  • Driven by 5000 Experiences across 60 destinations, bookings have grown 2,500% in the past year.
  • Some of the 1000 destinations by the end of 2018, will include unique places such as Easter Island, Tasmania and Iceland.
  • Airbnb is announcing new Experience passion categories such as Airbnb Concerts, Social Dining, and Adventures and is expanding its Social Impact Experiences by working with more than 1000 non-profits in 2018.
  • Globally, some of the most-booked Experience hosts have earned more than USD$200,000 through their offerings.
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