Automotive Player Exploits Analytics Customer Satisfaction

Did you know that an automotive player with over 200 dealerships on over 300 sites exploited analytics in order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. With Potentiate’s CX Feedback and Tracking Platform, the client ensured all customers had a ‘voice’. It also came with multi-lingual surveys.

More importantly, its Reporting & Insights Portal was equipped with all levels of reporting, alert functions, individual comments and text analytics to analyse the survey comments.

Potentiate Malaysia, a subsidiary of Potentiate Australia, is a data intelligence company with expertise in the area of Data Analytics, Customer Experience Management and Market Research & Business Insights.

The company offers data gathering services, market research expertise and proprietary analytical software solutions that enables its clients to understand and connect with their customers.

Potentiate Malaysia’s software solution includes producing and generating insights from text data. The company also helps its clients to manage their customers experience via its CX Management platform.

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