SugarBun is Broasting Chicken and More!

For some time now, Sarawakian franchise SugarBun has been steadily expanding into the Peninsula and we recently had the opportunity to give it the taste test. Visiting SugarBun’s city centre outpost in Menara Hap Seng we sampled a variety of their signature dishes, from local favourites to the specialty Broasted Chicken.

Originally established in 1979, SugarBun currently boasts close to 70 branches in its birth state of Sarawak. In fact, aside from the Peninsula it has even expanded to as far as Brunei, Bangladesh and Melbourne in Australia.

A big attraction of SugarBun is its Broasted Chicken, painstakingly pressure-cooked and then given a quick flash deep-fry –  what they term ‘broasting’. The result is chicken with delightfully crunchy skin and tender flesh. It’s no wonder this has remained enduringly popular – it’s perfect for fried chicken enthusiasts, and it’s mind-boggling to imagine how many pieces a home-grown brand like SugarBun has sold of this over the decades.

For a basic set with savoury rice and pickles, pick the Two Piece Broasted Chicken Meal (RM 12). Or try the spicier variant, the Saucy Kano Broasted Chicken Meal, blanketed with a lemongrass-and-garlic kano sauce that’s pretty lip-smacking (RM 15). You can also purchase the chicken by the piece – RM 4 for one, RM 11.50 for three, RM 19.50 for five.

Tasting the best of SugarBun!

Nourishing best-sellers for fan of fowl and fish include the Chicken Mushroom Claypot Meal, served in a pleasantly light soup, complemented by a blended sauce that contains chillies from Lahad Datu (RM 14), and the Sabah Giant Garoupa Mee Hoon Soup, showcasing chunky Sabah-bred fish in a refreshingly perky broth (RM 28).

The Borneo Eco Fish Meal is one of SugarBun’s most eye-catching treats, placing a whole Sarawak-raised tilapia on your plate, with skin so crisp it makes music between your teeth, nicely buoyed by condiments including the Lahad Datu chilli sauce (a very fair RM 20).

Of course, there’s an Authentic Sarawak Laksa available too, evoking the flavours of Kuching with a broth that’s satisfyingly savoury and spicy, complete with prawns, shredded chicken, egg and vegetables for a fulfilling lunch (RM 12).

And finally, for the busy office worker who might not have a full half-hour to sit down for a meal, the Fish Burger is your best bet for a quick antidote to banish hunger pangs – it’s another SugarBun classic that has stood the test of time (RM 9.50).

Dessert is SugarBun’s Ais Kacang with Sabah Seaweed, featuring jelly that’s meticulously made in-house for textural contentment (RM 6). Drink recommendations include the naturally cooling Apple Snow Fungus (RM 4.20) and the soothing Three Layer Tea, layered with Borneo’s palm sugar of gula apong (RM 4.50).

Many thanks to the SugarBun team for having us.

Visit SugarBun at:

Menara Hap Seng 2, Level 1, Jalan P. Ramlee, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Open Monday-Friday, 11am-8pm. Tel: 03-2022-0003


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