Adobe Advertising Cloud Gets Creative

Marketers continue to be challenged by siloed creative and media processes as well as disparate systems and platforms. Adobe introduces several additions to Adobe Advertising Cloud, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, designed to remedy these issues at the Adobe Experience Forum Malaysia. Advancements showcased today include Adobe’s new Advertising Cloud Creative and an expanded integration with Adobe Analytics Cloud.

Adobe’s new Advertising Cloud Creative is a self-serve platform that significantly expands Adobe’s Dynamic Creative Optimization offering by giving marketers control over basic design elements. This include advertising copy and assets used in display ads to allow for the rapid rollout of new messaging and design without the painful and expensive steps of re-trafficking or starting the design process over from scratch. Creative assets that are designed in Adobe Creative Cloud will be automatically available in Advertising Cloud Creative, so marketers can take these assets, optimize or target their display advertising across ad sizes and make simple changes to their ads themselves without needing to go back to their agency or re-trafficking.

Adobe Advertising Cloud also debuted deeper capabilities with Adobe Analytics Cloud. These additions will help make advertising a more connected experience, including seamless attribution measurement which is, the ability to link ads bought through Advertising Cloud to business outcomes like purchases, measured by Adobe Analytics, as well as the ability to leverage brand metrics in the demand-side platform (DSP) to inform media buying decisions.

In addition, Advertising Cloud now includes features powered by Adobe Sensei, the company’s advanced AI and machine learning framework, to optimize the relevance and performance of search, display and video ads across all screens.

V.R. Srivatsan, Managing Director, Adobe Southeast Asia says, “We are tearing down the walls between creative, data and media in a way only Adobe can make possible. Many marketers today still struggle to deliver relevant advertising messages to their customers. We’re making it easy for brands to deliver well-designed, personalized advertising to consumers who may currently ignore their ads.”

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