Trimble and Brunsfield Sign MoU to Accelerate BIM Adoption

Trimble Malaysia and Brunsfield International Group sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), expressing their readiness to develop a collaborative partnership focused on accelerating Building Information Modeling (BIM) adoption in Malaysia’s construction industry.

Having invested in BIM technology over two decades, Brunsfield is committed to embracing BIM technology to enable the industrialisation of the construction industry in Malaysia. Brunsfield BIM (BBIM) Innovation Centre focus is to work collaboratively with industry players to facilitate the use of BIM in the Malaysian construction industry through knowledge-sharing, training and development of BIM resources. An integral part of the Centre’s focus is on the development of BIM policies and BIM standards and methodologies that will enable the enhancement of the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process.

Located in Kuala Lumpur, the BBIM Innovation Centre has been working with the latest in technology from industry vendors, including Trimble. In this collaboration, Trimble will provide Tekla software to facilitate BIM training purposes, as well as technical support and product showcase at the BBIM Innovation Centre. Trimble will also collaborate with Brunsfield on research and software application in real projects as case studies.

Thomas Phang, Area Director, Trimble Solutions South East Asia says, “Partnerships, both private and public, are key to realising a more efficient, productive and sophisticated future of the construction industry. This MoU with Brunsfield signals the mutual commitment to drive the awareness, knowledge and ultimately adoption of BIM amongst stakeholders in Malaysia. The bigger picture is our commitment and support of the country’s vision for a modernised construction industry that is crucial to the economic growth of the country. We are delighted to play our part.”

Hassan Zakaria, Executive Director, Brunsfield Engineering Sdn Bhd says, “This MoU with Trimble is an encouraging step forward for collaboration to ensure the potential of BIM can be realised. It also signifies our commitment to advance BIM application to the next level of maturity. This includes the focus on refining and expanding the BIM standards and methodologies to enable the enhancement of the Integrated Project Delivery process.”


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