2 day Kancil Creative Festival

The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia (4As) will be hosting a two day creative festival with the theme, Celebrating humanity in creativity, technology, and culture. Held in Ruang KL, the festival will explore how people from different backgrounds in the field of creativity go about telling stories, writing music, building robots, making ads, creating art, producing content, and expressing poetry, while finding common ground in their shared humanity.

Kancil Creative Council Chairman, Alvin Teoh says, “We want put a spotlight on how humanity should be at the core of all we do as a creative industry. Whether a docu-maker or journalist, a tech person or a content creator, an ad-man or artist, an influencer, a preserver of culture or a strategist, anyone who understands the beauty of the human experience will create the sort of work that lasts. Beyond the latest trends and techniques, we’re celebrating the type of work that compels one to think, to feel and to act.”

He adds, “It’s the only festival that brings people that are so seemingly different from one another and put them in one place to discover their commonality so that we can celebrate these differences that ironically makes us one. From this festival, the public at large, in addition to marketers and ad industry folks will get a glimpse into the seldom tapped areas of humanity in the hopes that they will discover new opportunities and ideas for brands that they are tasked to build.”

The festival will feature a series of ticketed and highly anticipated talks with notable speakers from a wide range of disciplines, including social documentary story-teller Bassam Tariq, founder of Dialogue in the Dark Steven Chan, artist and heritage activist Stella Soo, and Producer of 101 East at Al Jazeera, Sarah Yeo. Fahmi Fadzil, MP of Lembah Pantai, will also be speaking about the brand narrative of Harapan. Several advertising industry leaders will also be featured including the founder of McCanns Millenials Shun Matzuzaka, Chief Creative Officer at Digitas Ronald Ng, and former Executive Creative Director at DDB Mudra Aneil Deepak.

The Young Kancils 24-Hour Challenge, in partnership with Grab, will see teams of junior creative agency staff responding to a brief with an Instagram-centric campaign focused on Grab drivers. Meanwhile, the 666 Young Directors Challenge is for aspiring film directors, who are invited to submit their original scripts to the organisers. 6 winners will be selected, and 6 production houses will provide production support for a 6-minute film. For those still completing their training in school, the Kancil Creative Festival will also be introducing Student Awards to showcase creative student work against a professional barometer. Other highlights of the festival include exhibitions, and a mini cinema screening noteworthy shorties. The festival ends with the Kancil Awards, Malaysia’s oldest awards for advertising agencies.

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