Managing IT problems with Manage Engine

As more businesses embark on their digital transformation journey, they also face more challenges in adapting to the technology. The biggest challenge for any company going digital be it MNCs or even SMEs is the uneven digital usage of their products and programs as well as the weak infrastructure. The tech or software used most of the time is not up with the tech demand leading to teething issues often. With tech evolving almost daily, these challenges often slow down the transformation process.

Manage Engine, a backbone for Zoho Corporation, solves this problem. It crafts comprehensive IT management software with a focus of making IT admins’ job easier. Offering over 90 products to manage all aspects of IT operations including networks, servers, applications, desktops, mobile services, service desks, active directory and security. The products can be used by all industry players from start-ups all the way to big companies.

Gibu Matthew, Vice President and GM APAC of Zoho Corporation says, “All our products are available for anyone to use. Some of the products are freeware which can be used for as long as you want while others are available for trial and can be purchased to suit your company’s best needs.”

 Gibu Matthew, Vice President & GM APAC, ZOHO Corporation

The Manage Engine Suite offers products to ease the various sectors. For example, an SME wants to upgrade its customer support system. The company can use the Help Desk product from manage engine to work on its platform. The product can be used to suite the needs of the SME. This automatically enhances the customer’s experience.

Matthew adds that the biggest download of its product it the helpdesk service. Both SMEs as well as big corporations have been using the helpdesk service for their business. The product is available for free but is upgradable with a fee to support more customers and add on features.

“Our products are also available in 16 languages allowing worldwide usage for everyone. Our products record over 5000 downloads in a month and we currently have 180 000 paid customers. The United States contributes 50% of the numbers but Asia Pacific is growing and following closely with 25%. Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines are the heaviest users in of the products in the Southeast Asian region as well,” adds Matthew.

Moving forward, Manage Engine aims to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to their customers. It hopes to automate routine work thus making data easier to understand. The AI would also be capable of fixing errors and preventing disasters.

For IT Operations, AI will be powered by machine learning and big data. It will enable IT teams to automatically analyse large volumes of digital data. Its pattern recognition will be able to identify incidents and reduce irrelevant alerts. It will also reduce downtime by improving root-cause analysis and remediation as well as automate incident response and resolution. The AI will be able to continually learn to make more informed decisions.

Manage Engine will also offer training and certification programs for their clients. The training can be done online or during user conferences and seminars held. The seminars and conferences will be free for start-ups and SMEs.

As Matthew puts it, “We are not seeking a business opportunity, we are giving the opportunity for businesses to nurture and become better.”



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