Revolutionary digital platform that brings aspiring creators’ work to the world

The world’s first digital contents blockchain platofrm, ACG Network, a new crowd-funding platform by ACG Foundation Limited is set to launch in Spring 2019. Expected to bring magnificent changes to the Asian digital content industry, ACG network will focus on developing the animation, comic and game industry with its introduction of a new blockchain technology, the first of its kind.

Issues where creators face issues where they are unable to see their ideas and projects come to fruition due to demand from sponsors or financial backing will be a thing of the past as they can now transform dreams into reality anywhere in the world with this free-of-charge platform. Fans can even propose their own ideas, for example, if they would like to see an animation or game adaptation of a certain comic or novel. The platform will unite both creators and fans together, who share common goals.

As part of the AGCN Network ecosystem, ACG Network issues exclusive platform Token-CATT (Content Aggregation Transfer Token) that makes transactions with cryptocurrency possible through the ACG Network Wallet.

ACG Network is backed by Shinichiro Maeda, Masuo Ueda and Katsuaki Kato, veterans from Japan’s illustrious animation industry.

Shinichiro Maeda, the co-founder, is a former NIPPON TV(NTV) producer and leader of the production department. He is also the chief producer of the “金曜ロードSHOW!” department. Responsible for animation, TV drama, film production. He has repeatedly received the Cultural Foundation Award, the Japan Film and TV Producers Association Gold Flying Award and so on. His representative works include “Lupin III DEAD OR ALIVE” and “DNA2”

Masuo Ueda is the Director, coordinator of animation department who is a legendary producer in Japanese animation industry. Masuo Ueda began his career at Nippon Sunrise in 1979, where he worked on many titles, including the Gundam series. In 2010, he became the president and CEO of A-1 Pictures, bringing major hit titles such as Sword Art Online and Space Brothers to fans across the globe. His works include “Mobile Suit Gundam III meets in the universe”, “The Milky Way Rafting”, and”City Hunter” and so on.

Katsuaki Kato is the director, coordinator of the game department. He is the editor-in-chief of “Family Fami Talk”, COO of Famitsu Group. He maintains extensive contacts with producers and creative staff in the mainstream game industry in Japan. He participated in the creation of “Walker47”, a smartphone-oriented information platform launched by the KADOKAWA Group, and concurrently served as editor-in-chief and editorial director. Later, he participated in the new business of KADOKAWA・DWANGO and served as the editor-in-chief of the BO editorial department.

ACG Foundation Limited combines animation, comic and game with block chain technology together, producing the beta version of ACGN Wallet, which is a part of the ACGN Network’s ecosystem. Besides, ACG Network set up its Japanese corporate ACG Network Japan CO., LTD (CEO: SHINICHIRO MAEDA, the former NIPPON TV producer) in Tokyo, Japan, and it formally published complete planning concept on July 3rd,2018.

The ACG Network is scheduled for launching in Spring, 2019.


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