Epson High-Capacity Ink Tank Inkjet Printers Exceed Cumulative Global Sales of 30 Million Units

According to Seiko Epson Corporation, cumulative global sales of Epson’s high-capacity ink tank inkjet printers have reached 30 million units.

Having first launched high-capacity ink tank inkjet printers in October 2010 in Indonesia, the company had by the end of FY2017 introduced the printers in about 150 countries and regions. The growth in emerging economies cause the proportion of high-capacity ink tank products in the overall inkjet printer market to grow annually. Epson continues to maintain the number one share of the market in these products due to its strong brand recognition in the market and its abundant line-up.

Epson will further accelerate the shift from conventional ink cartridge models to high-capacity ink tank models with the aim of establishing the latter as the inkjet printer mainstream in FY2019. The company will also continue to promote the replacement of laser printers with high-capacity ink tank inkjet printers by enhancing its line-up with products with overwhelming cost performance and enhanced ease-of-use in both emerging and advanced economies.

Epson plans to sell 9.5 million high-capacity ink tank products in FY2018. This is an increase of 20% compared to the previous fiscal year and is expected to account for about 55% of total Epson inkjet printer sales.

Koichi Kubota, Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Printing Solutions Operations Division of Seiko Epson comments, “High-capacity ink tank inkjet printers have a low environmental footprint, have lower running costs, and take less time to print compared to laser printers and ink cartridge printers. Epson has transformed the printer business model and will continue to provide comfortable printing environments that allow our customers around the world to demonstrate their creativity and enjoy high productivity.”

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