Hitachi Sunway’s Business to Align with IoT Trend

Hitachi Sunway Information Systems Sdn. Bhd. will be aligning its entire business operations to the Internet of Things (IoT) trend that has hit Malaysian shores since last year.

Hitachi Sunway Group CEO and Director Cheah Kok Hoong says the company has adopted a strategic business direction towards delivering IoT-related projects as IoT has been identified to generate the biggest IT demands by Malaysian companies over the foreseeable future.

He adds, “In Malaysia, we see that the IoT trend is strongly influencing the IT demands of conglomerates. Traditionally we were a Service Integrator, but we are now morphing according to the IoT trends to become an IoT solutions aggregator. To do this, Hitachi Sunway is strengthening its ecosystem of cohesive ‘partnerships’ to meet our clients’ on-going and new IoT projects and plans.”

The recent Hitachi Sunway CXO Round Table themed “The Internet of Things (IoT): Turning Vision into Reality” saw five prominent Malaysian conglomerates discuss in detail, the on-going and planned IoT projects spanning across local automobile, building materials, entertainment and hospitality, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, plantations and property development sectors.

Hitachi Sunway identified key guidelines to deliver IoT-ready solutions and services required by enterprise clients as a result of the meeting. This includes creating an ecosystem of IT Partners, subject matter expertise, forming creative collaborations, getting the best connectivity, working with the right people and processes and setting clearer IoT standards.

Cheah says that Hitachi Sunway’s main role is to bring together the best technologies available in the market, and customized hybrid solutions and systems for its clients that operate in a diversity of vertical industries.

“It is obvious that Malaysian CXOs are looking for IT partners that have a really wide spectrum of skills. IoT overlaps a great deal of both OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology); so, we will leverage Hitachi’s long and extensive experience in both these areas to deliver IoT solutions to our local enterprise customers.Additionally, we focus on bringing together an ecosystem of ICT solutions from various technology vendors and building subject-matter expertise; so that we can support Malaysian enterprise and SMEs in their IoT journey.”

Cheah explains that Hitachi Sunway will establish a form of multi-partnership IT platform consisting various IoT solutions providers and act as a consortium of IT expertise to deliver the various IoT projects for Malaysian enterprises.  Hitachi Sunway will need to move quickly and definitely in our partnership strategy that aligns to IoT.

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